Here is brief overview of equipment you might require for the competition:

Few facts to consider before the competition:

  • At the moment our scoring system support 3 or 5 E judges (pre 2017 rules) or 4 or 6 (2017 rules), per-skill deductions are mandatory. Full score input (i.e. 8.2) are also planed, if you are registered user we will let you know as soon as we will release this feature.
  • You can host a competition without internet connection, however if you will have internet connection – you will be able to publish all results at for free .
  • You can use any devices for judges: most notebooks, tablets and smartphones will fit. OC can provide the devices or judges can just use their own.
  • You should setup reliable local network at the arena (wireless or wired). All the devices will connect to the local server (standalone laptop usually).
  • If you also use our accreditation system – please note that it isn't related with scoring system. Export accreditations to the scoring system is available per-request. Also please note that custom accreditation design is payed feature at the moment.

Now when you aware of system in general you are ready to start using it.

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